Loredana-Ileana VÎŞCU is the President of the “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara Senate, a PhD Professor at the “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara, and also an associate didactic staff member: a professor at the “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad. At the Faculty of Psychology, “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara, she established the Centre of Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy the director of which she is.
As practitioner, Loredana-Ileana Vîşcu is a psychologist and psychotherapist in integrative psychotherapy, being also trained in clinical hypnosis and Ericksonian therapy and Transactional Analysis (T.A.).
At the Individual Psychology Office, Vîşcu Loredana-Ileana develops her psychotherapy activity, which exceeds 4500 hours of individual psychotherapy.
Her academic didactic activity is thus combined with her practice, realized both at the Individual Psychology Office and as manager of the L&I EVE Clinic, where she also offers psychotherapy services.
Psychotherapy services offered at her Individual Psychology Office located in Timisoara and at the L&I EVE Clinic include: individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, family and couple psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy.
Loredana-Ileana Vîşcu is also one of the founding members and the vice-president of the Association of Integrative Research, Counselling and Psychotherapy (ACCPI).
At ACCPI she is a trainer and supervisor in the following training programs: Integrative Psychotherapy, Integrative Existential Psychotherapy and in the complementary specialty training program: Integrative Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents, her activity with the training groups exceeding 5000 hours.
Her didactic and scientific activity is quantified in numerous papers, articles and books, being also the co-author of the Integrative Strategic Model in Psychotherapy (Oana-Maria Popescu)
Loredana-Ileana Vîşcu is: Chartered Psychologist – at the British Psychology Society U.K. (BPS); trainer and supervisor: EAIP (European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy); EIATSCYP (European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapeutic Services for Children and Young People); FPR (Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy); and CPR (The Romanian Psychologists’ College). She is also a member of: APA (The American Psychologists’ Association), SEPI (The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration) and APR (The Association of Romanian Psychologists).
Her publishing activity counts more than 21 paper and studies with an ISI indexation, even more papers indexed in international data bases. Among her most representative works, as sole authors, the following can be mentioned: Modelul integrativ strategic de supervizare (2018); Supervizarea în psihoterapie. Instrumentele terapeutului supervizat (2018); Psihopatologia infantilă. Note de curs (2015); An Integrative Model of Psychotherapy. A Case Study (Loredana Drobot, Dolman Scott, UK, 2009); Consiliere integrativă educaţională. Elemente de psihopatologie (Loredana Drobot, 2009); Psihoterapie integrativă. Fundamente (Loredana Drobot, 2009); Consiliere şi psihoterapie integrativă (Loredana Drobot, 2009). To the works mentioned, from the ones written in collaboration with Oana-Maria Popescu, the following can be exemplified: Studii în psihoterapie (2018); Studii în psihoterapie integrativă strategică (2017); Factorii comuni în psihoterapie. O abordare integrativ-strategică (2017); Supervizarea în psihoterapia integrativă strategică (2017); Psihoterapie integrativă strategică. Teorie şi aplicaţii practice (2016); Abordări în psihoterapia integrativă strategică (2015); Psihoterapie integrativă strategică. Note de curs (2015); Manual de psihoterapie integrativă (2013).